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Cosmic Altar is located in Zanaris unlocked through Lost City quest conclusion. There's Agility shortcut at levels 44 and RuneScape gold 66 that will make your trips considerably easier but if you don't have levels in that you can use Fairy Rings to circumvent this area in a decent time. This is a really similar technique to crafting Cosmic Runes. If you finished Lunar Diplomacy pursuit you may begin crafting Astral Runes in Altar south-west of the village on Lunar Isle. Begin by accepting Runecrafting components, Earth staff, Law runes and essences. While running to Altar watch out for 111 Combat level Suqahs which may hit you pretty hard if you don't pray for melee. Once you're done making runes utilize Moonclan teleport and return to the bank to shop what you made.

This method will provide you around 800k gold and 30k exp a hour after level 82 when you're able to craft double Astral Runes. Another profitable way of making runes is completed through Abyss. If you have completed on level 1 Input The Abyss miniquest now you can make use of it and craft Nature Runes and if not you'll have to do this to utilize this method. Start by arming amulet of glory, taking your Rune pouches and essences. Go to the wilderness just north of Edgeville at which you'll find Mage of Zamorak by talking to the Dark Mage you can teleport into Abyss. Inside you'll be starting skulled so in the event that you die you will eliminate everything.

Use among many tunnels to get in the outer ring into the inner ring. You will need to do something to unblock barriers like mining stones (which necessitates mining level), or cutting forests that block the way so take with you a cheap pickaxe or a axe. Once you are finished with that go in the Nature Altar portal and make runes in the altar.

Keep in mind that most of the procedure is performed at Wilderness which means you might be attacked by other players. It's well worth risking your Graceful Outfit because it can be easily retrieved but doesn't take anything more precious with you. Although crafting Nature runes requires only 44 Runecrafting it's most profitable from 91 when you can create double Nature Runes. At this level, you can expect around 20k exp and 800k gold every hour.

LEVELS 54+ Legislation and Death Runes. Later on you can choose Death or Law Altar craft those in the Abyss. These Runes can be crafted similarly to buy RS gold Nature ones but usually they aren't too rewarding.