People who manage to finish challenges from one of the issues

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People who manage to finish challenges from one of the issues in one of those areas will likely be rewarded with assorted items and OSRS gold benefits. Completing one of those Diaries might result in unlocking new areas, added teleports, special cloaks, or even experience lamps, which may be used to improve the abilities of player choosing. You can find most noteworthy of the benefits available in this action below.

Ardougne Diary. On top of that, the participant wearing this cape will get: 50% more fish from Fishing Trawler, 25% more Marks of Grace from Ardougne Agility Course, 10 percent more effective pickpockets approximately Gielinor (even without a cape armed ), boundless teleports into Ardougne Monastery and several other less notable rewards.

Desert Diary. Main reward: Desert Amulet 4 - It is an amulet that doesn't provide any direct bonuses, which could raise the player's stats. Rather, Desert Amulet 4 provides infinite Nardah teleports, which can be quite useful, setting amulet users quite near Elidinis Statuette. The shrine completely heals player, cures toxins, recovers stats, and even matches operate energy. Additionally, Desert Amulet supplies bonuses like accessibility to shortcut at Kalphite Lair, additional Pharaoh Sceptre bonuses, and protection from the desert heat. It is also worth noting that Desert Diaries are among the hardest to complete.

Falador Diary. Main reward: Falador Shield 4 - Acts like an Adamant Shield however does seem different and contains +5 Prayer. The principal advantages of owning this item are: +10% experience from Falador Farm activity, higher opportunity to cheap RuneScape gold receive clue scrolls from guards, access to lender in Crafting Guild (that is fastest bank teleport in the sport while possessing Crafting Cape), tree patch in Falador will never find rickety, full Prayer recharge twice per day, many new shortcuts and much more.

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