NBA 2K21: Best three-point shooter

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Thanks to COVID-19, the sports schedule has been completely eliminated. The NBA's shortened offseason is over, and the 2020-21 season was officially announced earlier this month-much later than usual. Even NBA 2K21 has been with us for several months, and these lists cannot be finalized to reflect the latest list before all offseasons. Now you can Buy NBA 2K21 MT and then buy powerful players.

Now that the NBA season has begun, as of December 2020, the following are the players with the highest three-point attribute ratings:
Stephen Curry (PG/SG, Golden State Warriors) – 99 3PT, 95 OVR – Offensive Threat
Klay Thompson (SG/SF of the Golden State Warriors) – 95 3PT, 89 OVR – 2-way three-level scorer
Duncan Robinson (SG/SF of the Miami Heat) – 92 3PT, 78 OVR – 3PT expert
J.J. Redick (SG, New Orleans Pelicans) – 90 3PT, 78 OVR – Sharpshooter
Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers PG) – 89 3PT, 95 OVR – Offensive Threat
Seth Curry (SG/PG for the Philadelphia 76ers) – 89 3PT, 78 OVR – Level 3 scorer – Sharpshooter
Matt Thomas (Toronto Raptors SG/SF) – 89 3PT, 74 OVR – Sharpshooter
Derek Walton Jr. (PG free agent) – 89 3PT, 69 OVR – 3PT expert
George Hill (Milwaukee Bucks PG/SG) – 88 3PT, 77 OVR – Long shooter
Doug McDermott (SF/PF of the Indianapolis Pacers) – 88 3PT, 76 OVR – 3PT Specialist
Rodney Hood (SF/SG of the Portland Trail Blazers) – 88 3PT, 76 OVR – Sharpshooter
Jared Dudley (PF of Los Angeles Lakers) – 88 3PT, 72 OVR – Stretch 4

As expected, Steph is undoubtedly the best three-point shooter in the game, and it is not difficult to see why. Damian Lillard is not as sharp as Steph Curry from beyond the three-point line, but still has an impressive 89 and 95 points. He is an all-round scoring threat, so he is not a bad choice.

If you want to change three-point shooters, please J.J. Reddick and Duncan Robinson are good choices, because they received three-point ratings in the 90s, but the overall score is high in the 70s. Both should be easily obtained through Cheap NBA 2K21 MT transactions. Or, you can turn to the free agency market, where you will find Derrick WaltonJr. His total expectations of 69 shots are not high, but he may lower three points for you.