Thai Airways Cancellation Policy | Cancel Flight

Thai Airways Cancellation Policy has been provided below

Thai Airways cancellation fee depends on various factors, including the types of tickets purchased by passengers.
There are specific limits on specific bookings for cancellation charges and refunds are not enabled on every ticket.
Tickets obtained on packages include show tickets, hotels, theme parks and many more which make the ticket non-refundable.
If the ticket is purchased under packages that include hotel bookings, taxi hire, touring services, etc., the corresponding amount for cancellation will be charged under Thai Airways.
Passengers who wish to continue their booking with Thai Airways along with the hotel reservation must check-in at the hotel on the first day of booking. If the passenger does not check into the hotel without any notice, the hotel booking will be cancelled.
Thai Airways Cancellation Policy says if the passenger does not show up at the airport to board the booked flight after cancellation, the total fare value of the flight will not be refunded.
Passengers who do not show up at the airport are not eligible for return tickets booked under Thai Airways.
After commencement of the journey for the passenger, if the passenger does not use the available services, no changes or refunds will be made to the passenger.
Refunds applicable to passengers are subject to restrictions set by the governing reversals, revisions and cancellations. Fees charged by third party suppliers are also subject to applicable charges and fees.
According to the Thai Airways refund policy, when the cancellation process is executed, the refund amount will be credited to the passenger's account.
The amount to be credited to the passenger's account after the cancellation and refund process depends on the time taken by the bank to initiate the process.