How To Change Dungeon Difficulty In Lost Ark

This article is about How to change dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark. From gear updates and expertise levels to the min-maxing capacities of faceted capacity.

There are a plethora of ways to vertically advance a character’s power in Lost Ark. The dungeon is one of them. Lost Ark’s dungeons are challenging but offer substantial rewards. By increasing the difficulty, the rewards will be significantly greater. Better items and more lost ark gold await players who take on the challenge.

Players are presented with a dungeon overview before entering a dungeon and even before accessing the matchmaking menu required to form a dungeon-raiding party. The dungeon overview displays the potential loot and the recommended item level of an interested player’s overall equipment.

However, there are three square buttons at the top right of this menu, each with a helmet logo. The first two options are called “Normal” and “Hard,” respectively, while the third choice is unlocked afterward.

When the “Hard” option is selected, a statistically more challenging replay of the same dungeon is generated, replete with higher-level foes, a larger health pool, and increased damage output. While the difficulty of the dungeon may increase this way, its recommended item level doesn’t change. This means that players at or around the dungeon’s expected equipment won’t feel overwhelmed by hard difficulty challenges, provided they’ve built their character’s skills for PvE and bossing purposes.

Players desperate to level up swiftly are advised against higher-difficulty dungeons. As the increase mainly helps with equipment, it doesn’t pay off in terms of experience. Time commitment and risk of death make it an inefficient method of leveling up quickly.

Up to four players can take on a dungeon together, and the added firepower is tremendously helpful. The difficulty is selected before matchmaking, so make sure everyone has agreed upon the chosen difficulty.

That’s all you need to know about how to change dungeon difficulty in Lost Ark, so now that you have everything you need we hope you can set the difficulty that you feel most comfortable with. And if you want to know more guides to level up your online gaming experience, feel free to click here!

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