The two New Yorkers were connected together afterward.

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It turned out to 2K MT be a competitive time using countless thousands competing online. Shaka, whose handle was"YoungSparks92," watched someone climbing the ranks with him. "YoungKobe3." The two New Yorkers were connected together afterward.

See, at the moment, it was all about rankings. They climbed the ladder up. Shaka had the bragging rights always ahead of Lotty. When Lotty discovered the two NBA 2K stars climbed up in the same area of Mount Vernon, New York. He knew he had to battle him. 1 game to decide bragging rights to town and 2K. They went to different high schools, so it wasn't like they could link up by themselves.

Shaka wanted the opportunity to play Lotty one . He always knew he was a better player than himeven if they had been always neck-and-neck at the competitive rankings. He just needed the moment to establish it. They played with a hard-fought game.

Later that night, both competitors -- that had never met until that point -- ended up going into the movies. "When we discovered that we were out of the same area and Buy 2K21 MT we're both on top of the world, such as, wow, that is crazy we will need to start hanging out and talking about the game to kind of learn from each other," Shaka explained. "And we only became teammates then."

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