Animal Crossing New Horizons is about to bring rich and interesting new content

Animal Crossing New Horizons is about to bring rich and interesting new content

For a long time, Animal Crossing New Horizons players have been complaining about the poor state of the game lacking rich content. Due to the lack of new Animal Crossing Bells content in the game, players can only casually roam the entire island without objective insight, which makes many players very empty in the game. However, a data miner recently discovered a good news, he found interesting information about the upcoming 2021 update of Animal Crossing New Horizons. This information reveals everything that Nintendo plans to add to New Horizons.

Last year, the studio added a brand new vegetable to the pumpkin during the Halloween event. The community may not think much about this project, but data miners have found more information. It seems that future updates will add more vegetables and fruits to the game, which will definitely make things interesting. In 2021, the studio is likely to add more fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, wheat, carrots, sugar cane and so on.

Data diggers found that the April update of the game added bushes to New Horizons, and it is likely that Plumeria bushes will also be added to the game in the upcoming update. This item is a flower that looks very beautiful on the brush. Currently, data miners only find information about red bushes, but players can look forward to the introduction of white and other colored bushes.

Data miners also discovered information about Gyroids, which is very much liked by Brewster. Brewster has always been the favorite character in the Animal Crossing Items community, but it has not been added to the game. This time, data miners discovered information about Gyroids, so when these items are added to the game, Brewster is likely to debut with them in 2021.

To be sure, Nintendo will continue to stick to the seasonal events of the previous year, such as Christmas, Fireworks Festival, Turkey Day, etc. These festivals will inevitably continue to appear in the 2021 update of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Finally, data miners also discovered cooking and sewing DIY activities. This means that players will be able to make new clothing and food in the game, perhaps this can bring players a new and interesting experience.