Five Steps to becoming a UI UX designer

Are you looking for start a career in UI UX Design?


What is UI UX?

UI design belongs to front-end design. It involves product analysis, user feedback documents, flow charts, design sketches, design prototypes. UX Design is the process of improving user satisfaction by working on usability, accessibility, and interaction between the consumer and the product.


Let's discuss the steps to become a UI UX designer:

1.Know about all the design directions

 The most important thing before entering into this field you must understand what exactly you want to do. Like if you want to draw illustrations you must know what type of illustrations such as cartoons or icons or animations. you should choose for yourself what you want and you should be unique. UX design course in Chennai will guide you on which one is suitable for your career.

  • if you are like working on the visual part of the design? — it comes under visual designer (UI).
  • Do you think through the theory of how the product works with the user, make the interface useful, analyze, test? — then you will become a user experience designer (UX).


2.Study the tools for work

Below you can see a list of the latest programs that can be useful to know:

  • Sketch for interface design
  • Figma for interface design with collaboration capability
  • Balsamiq for creating layouts
  • Adobe XD for interface design, prototyping
  • Invision App for prototyping and collaboration
  • RedPen for collaboration

UI UX Course in Chennai will help you to learn about the design tools.


3.Encircle yourself with design

 you should jump completely into the design, start searching at other people’s work every day. There are millions of resources, some of the platform listed below:

  • Behance portfolio platform
  • Dribbble portfolio platform
  • Awwwards platform received the title of the best in web design

This practice of observing other people’s works and portfolios will help you get into the UI UX design track.


4.Find mentors and become mentors

If you are a beginner, you may become a mentor yourself. For example, you will start writing your blog about your first experience in the design industry or you can talk to your friend about interesting things you learned. continuous talking to someone about your newly gained knowledge will help you to understand the subject and remember the material strongly.


5.Take course

if you want to learn deeper in UI UX design. UI UX Design Course in Chennai at FITA Academy provides excellent training programs to beginners who want to step into the UI UX design field under the guidance of experienced industry professionals. I have seen FITA academy reviews that give trust and they also provide placement support.

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