The operator's camera will show mostly the part above the castle

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Yes? Think again! It is OSRS gold slow, unbelievably difficult to fire and if you're assaulted while aiming all your hard work is for nothing. My proposal? Create a new catapult, on a swivel which you climb into. The player in the catapult is vunerable too variety, mage and halbard strikes from the ground. It may be loaded from the back with up too 20 rocks at one time, when they're in there is no need to re-load until they are invested but you can add more before it's empty.

The operator's camera will show mostly the part above the castle, that this camera may also serve as the goal (which is in the middle of the display ) and the interface will turn into a sizable"Fire" button to press when you're ready. As a settlement the camera will probably be slower as well as the catapult will only fire once every 5 seconds. More than one person can maintain the catapult at the same time but the ammunition will deplete more quickly and the 5 second rule still counts. (I also had a notion if the catapult is vacant a person can step into it and have thrown into the middle of the arena)

Consumables: Mages: a rune dispenser is going to be added into the downstairs room using the tables, which gives 1000 runes into a player per match (mind-death). A person can only use this when wearing a full set of castle wars robes (Staff, robe top, robe bottom Twist (Hat doesnt have to be worn, personnel gives unlimited air runes)) and no additional attraction can be casted while using this service. Less experience is given aswell. There are three varieties of robes (blue red, silverblue, goldsilver) just like the mele aurmor and for the same cost. That is all, I am pleased to answer any RS 2107 Gold questions and listen to your suggestions.

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