Melee till they aren't aggressive

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Tell me just how long these levels would take and RS gold the way I should reach them. Also, In FOG, my cousin was becoming just like 11 tokens and 10 score... while when I played I didn't get alot. Can FOG change? He got that much when he had like 1.2K Charges as well as the Guy had like 100. Dunno bout FOG, however, posted abt the skills next to em in ()'s.

I want to acquire the Explorer Ring and get those stats... most of these stats are for the explorer ring though. What should I buy first? Have an idea about what sequence I can do them in? Also, just how much xp/is super heating? I am planning on doing and going superb heating this weekend.

In F2P, sadly to say, there isn't much selection. The greatest possible fall does come out of a revenant, which would be a corrupt dragon scimi. However, besides that, you'd be just getting coins, which you could not even put in your money pouch. Furthermore, if the revs have been gang up on you, you're dead meat 80% of the time, unless you've got a decent amt of prayer left... which you couldn't even bill, unless you use a twisted bird neck and kill the ankous within the next room.

Folks usually resort to dungeoneering in f2p if they want to kill a couple of directors. Thanks... For lessers I had been thinking of this...

Melee till they aren't aggressive. Then Range/Mage Safespot. Any shield I can wear other than the anti monster protect? I'll have all my equipment in my inv. I'll also have a prayer urns. Would this be good XP too? Just a random question. Should you use urns for every skill?

You could try magic - it may turn out to OSRS buy gold succeed - but in general it's pricey (200GP per throw using the Polypore is still expensive, relatively).

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